Mrs Lalitha Mokkapati had her first acquaintance with Javali when she was doing her Sangita Vidwan in the Central College of Carnatic Music, Madras, more than 50 years ago. She heard the Javali, mariyada teliyakane. The Javali immensely impressed her. But her wish to learn more of them remained a dream. Later, T.Brinda who was teaching vocal in the College taught four Javalis: entati kuluke, samayamide rara, muttavaddura, paripovalera. Ever since then she began looking for more Javalis, their singing style, ragas and talas.

She did an M. Phil and then her Ph.D. on Javalis from Andhra University, and in the process collected a large number of Javalis and several obscure printed texts. Her Ph.D dissertation is now under revision to make it a book.

This blog site is a small initiative to share all those Javalis with other music lovers!