Our Sources – Books & Beyond

Primary sources for all these lyrics were books obtained from various people. Many of the older ones are photocopies of originals – that may explain how many hands and eyes along the years may have added to a few typographic errors here and there!

Meera Bhajans and some Tamil words have added to our mistakes!
We also noticed a few non-Javalis in these books. We decided to go ahead and publish those too – but clearly marked them so!

Book 1: “Book 1900”

For those who cannot read Telugu, the page says “

samgIta sAhitya vidyA viSAradulagu
pekkanDrachE rachi&impabaDina
SRmgAra jAvaLLu.
mailavaram venkayya SAstrula vAri chEta
rAmAnamda mudrAksharaSAlayamdu
1900, samvatsaram

If anyone has any additional information about this book, or, has an original print, please let us know.

Book 2: “Book 1911”

For those who cannot read Telugu, the page says “


strIlakatyamtOpa yOgambuga
prAchIna kavipumgavulachE


kamalA mudrAksharaSAlayamdu
mudrimchi prakaTimpabaDiye


Book 3: “Old & New Book 1890”

A lot of text on this cover. Not attempting to transliterate for now. Title of the book is “prAchIna navIna JavaLIlu” – translates as “Old and New Javalis”.

Compiled / written by “SrI konDagunTUri nAgabhUshaNa kavi”. First edition was in 1890 February, in “chennapuri”

This page explains the uniqueness of this book. Author took many old JavaLis, and wrote a modern JavaLi in the same Raga and Tala.
In our posts too, you will notice a small tag “Prati” for every second JavaLi.

Book 4: “JAVALIS of Sri Chinniah”

Book 5: “jAvaLilu by Sri bAsukhaila vijayavenkaTakrishNarAya kavi”

Not quite the traditional cover page, but 1st page of the book.

Book 6: “gabbiTa yajnanna SAstrigAri kRtulu-jAvaLulu-bhajana kIrtanalu”

Book 7: “jAvaLis by dvibhAshyam pullakavi”

His jAvaLis were probably never printed as a book. These were obtained by visiting the family of the poet in “durgADa gETu” village in Andhra Pradesh, and copying from the hand-written notes of the poet.

Book 8: “kRtulu” by dAsu SrIrAmulu, published in 1893

He published “padamulu” (పదములు), “SRmgAra padyamulu” (శృంగార పద్యములు), and “jAvaLIlu” (జావళీలు) in this book published in 1893.

Text in the title page reads as

గాన విద్యా వినోద రసిక జనానంద కరంబుగ నుండునటుల
వేలూరు గ్రామ నివాసియును,
ఫస్టు గ్రేడ్ ప్లీడర్ గారునునగు
gaana vidyA vinOda rasika janAnanda karambuga nunDunaTula
vElUru grAma nivAsiyunu,
fasTu grED plIDar gArununagu
దాసు శ్రీరాములు గారిచే రచియింపబడినdAsu SrIrAmulu gArichE rachiyimpabaDina

Interestingly, his works were published again in 1991.
We noticed that in some cases, a jAvaLi was marked as a padamu or, vice versa. In a few cases, rAga or tALa were shown differently too.
If either book calls it a jAvaLi, we’re publishing it here.

Book 9: “jAvaLIlu – padamulu” by dAsu SrIrAmulu, published in 1991

As mentioned above, we are posting all lyrics that either book marked as a jAvaLi.

Book 10: “rasarAja vaibhava”

Compiled and edited by Prof. Shreekantham Nagendra Shastry, 2007. The book also contains notation to sing each jAvaLi.

Book 11: vichitra jAvaLIlu విచిత్ర జావళీలు

Book 12: pArsi sabhAranjita jAvLilu – పార్సి సభారంజిత జావళీలు

Book 13: jAvaLIlu (svara sahitamu)- జావళీలు (స్వర సహితము)

This book contains 109 jAvaLis, collected by Sri N C Parthasarathy & Smt Dwaraka Parthasarathy, and may have been first printed in 1980. The book contains notation for most jAvaLis and can be very useful to learners.

Book 14: gaDDibhukta sItArAm pADina pATalu, ADina jAvaLIlu – గడ్డిభుక్త సీతారాం పాడిన పాటలు, ఆడిన జావళీలు

This book was published by SrI mOdugula ravikRshNa, and contains 24 lyrics – most of them jAvaLis! Has a very interesting history behind the book too, written by SrI VAK rangA rAvu. The book comes with a CD too.

Book 15: jAvaLi ravaLi – compilation by Dr. Ushalakshmi Krishnamoorthi. జావళి రవళి – డా. ఉషాలక్ష్మి కృష్ణమూర్తి గారు ప్రచురించిన పుస్తకం

This book has a collection of 24 Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada jAvaLis in both Tamil and English script. ఇందులో 24 తెలుగు, తమిళ, మరియు కన్నడ జావళీలు ఉన్నాయి.

Book 16: “jAvaLilu – modaTi bhAgamu” – edited by SrI mOdugula ravikRshna జావళీలు – మొదటి భాగము. సంపాదకుడు: శ్రీ మోదుగుల రవికృష్ణ

This book has a large collection of 233 jAvaLis written by different lyricists / composers. We’ll be publishing only those we did not publish before. Or, those that have better / different lyrics from what we had published.

Book 17: “Bunch of jAvaLis” – by SrI pappu vENugOpAla rAvu

A definite collector’s item that has transliteration, translation, and notation for 51 jAvaLis. Text in English, Tamil, and Telugu. Audio CD too. We are publishing only a few from this – that we either did NOT gather from anywhere else, or some, where the lyrics in this book are better / more complete than what we published earlier.

Book 18: “pArsi sarasamOhana jAvaLi” – compiled by vElUru nArAyaNa sAmi piLLai

Found this book at http://musicresearchlibrary.net/omeka/items/show/2955 a few months ago. Book has 5 parts (sections) – each section has jAvaLis in a north-Indian language (yet to identify, need to read 10-15 to get better idea), and a jAvaLi in Tamil language with the same number! We’re still trying to see if the meaning is the same!

Since the first jAvaLi is not in Tamil, but is written in Tamil script, some errors may occur in transliteration. We’re also trying to see if we can get any expert to correct our mistakes!