Language & conventions

  1. We are trying to maintain the text of each Javali 100% identical to what we found in the original book. (Few exceptions may be made to make the Telugu text readable by today’s readers)
    1. For example, “manakyAlanE” is what we would speak as “manakElanE – మనకేలనే” – we used the old way!
    2. Text like “dharma” “ధర్మ” used to be written differently – with a half “r” coming after “dhama”. Unable to reproduce it today – hence, modernized the text.
  2. Same goes for names of Raga / Tala also – trying to maintain old way of writing (as found in old books) – like “byAg” – what we now call “behAg”, or “industAni” – what we call as “HindustAni”
  3. For Telugu – English transliteration, I am using an online tool, and here is their approach. Have not taken their permission – didnt know how to! Hope they dont mind!