jAvaLi – lyrics and more

Started publishing a collection of a few hundred jAvaLis in different Indian languages – in Telugu script, and transliterated to English, and, some day, Devanagari or Tamil too. Wish we could locate notation or recordings too!

Master list can be viewed here – updated once in a while!

All the lyrics can be seen under the jAvaLi Lyrics menu item!

We are now on Twitter too – please follow at @JavaliBlog

9 May 2021: On 5th May, we realized we have been publishing for a year now! We received an occassional visitor, but that was not our objective. Intent was to maintain a single repository of all the lyrics we came across so far – even if it meant publishing 2-3 variations in some cases.
With 700+ jAvaLi lyrics in one place, this may be the largest repository of jAvaLi lyrics so far.
We have some more, but, we’ll slow down the publishing rate to one per day from tomorrow.

Once we complete what we have, we’ll begin a second editing round to mark all duplicates better, and also offer any audio / video links we came across!

Thanks for the support so far!

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